Dr. Pierpoint Answers his Country’s Call

We remember the sacrifices made by so many during the Great War. This report is from the April 18, 1918 Skidmore News, page 1:

Answered Country’s Call.

The band did not play, there were no cheers, there were no demonstrations of any sort, yesterday afternoon at 1 o’clock when Dr. J. E. Pierpoint left Skidmore, by automobile, for his new post of duty at Ft. Riley, Kansas.

It has been generally known for some time that Dr. Pierpoint offered his services to Uncle Sam several months ago, took the examination, was accepted and commissioned a first lieutenant in the medical corps.

Last week he received the call to report for duty April 18, and since that time he has been arranging some of his business interests, preparatory to leaving.

Dr. Pierpoint has been a successful practicing physician in Skidmore for the past nineteen years and during that time he has made friends with old and young alike, and has been one of the few who has helped build up the town to its present place of rank.

Being a successful physician is one of the highest places in life. It has been Dr. Pierpoint’s experience and successful career that has made him so popular with the people in general and it is he who has spoken many a word that has cheered heavy hearts. It has been him where life has been entrusted for better or for worse and great indeed is the calling of the physician.

The above are a few of the reasons why the people did not care to make outward expression of their deep and profound love for their fellow townsman. But on every hand could be heard, “We sure will miss him,” and those words carried with them more than mere expression.

Now we must consider that Dr. Pierpoint did not have to leave, he did not leave because he is getting a better salary, not because he will enjoy his practice better, not because he wanted to part with old friends to make new ones, but because there flows in his veins red blood that expresses true American patriotism, which the world in this time of trying circumstances needs.

We can now only look forward to the time when he will return to us crowned with noble deeds and will have done his bit toward the safety of mankind.

Dr. Pierpoint has shaped his business interests here and has disposed of most everything except his drug business, which he has left in the care of H. N. McDaniel.

Mrs. Pierpoint left Saturday evenign for Cambridge, Mass., where she will visit awhile with her son, Douglas Haynes, who is one of Uncle Sam’s students in the radio branch of the service. She will go from there to Ft. Riley, where the doctor is at present stationed.

Everett Pierpoint will remain here until the close of school when he will leave for a visit with relatives at Kansas City after which he will enter Culver Military Academy in Indiana.

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