Double Wedding

We celebrate the hearts and flowers of Valentines Day and warm the cold light of February by recalling weddings from years past.  Today’s comes from the January 6, 1916 Skidmore News, page 1:

A Double Wedding

Promptly at high noon, Saturday, January 1st, 1916, a double wedding was witnessed at the home of the brides in Maitland, by relatives of the brides and grooms.

The contracting parties were Miss Bertha L. Weller and Mr. Frederick M. Barrett, Miss Goldie Weller and Mr. George Link.

Promptly at the appointed time, to the wedding march played by Miss Kate Weller, sister of the brides, the couples marched into the room, decorated for the occasion, and took their places in front of two ministers, Rev. Reubin Barrett of Skidmore and Rev. Harlan of Graham, who spoke the words that united the lives of these estimable young people.

The brides were charmingly dressed in copenhagen silk trimmed in white fur.

After the ceremony the guests were invited into the dining room where a sumptuous wedding feast was served.

Fred M. Barrett is the youngest son of Rev. and Mrs. Reubin Barrett of Skidmore, a Christian young man of many fine qualities and is considered as one of the coming young farmers of the county, who will make his mark as a worthy son of honorable parents.

The brides’ parents are both dead and the three sisters have been living at home in Maitland since the death of the mother, about a year ago.  Mrs. Barrett has been a successful school teacher the past few years, is a young lady of many graces of mind and person, who is capable of filling the home she will adorn with happiness and will prove to be truly a helpmate an companion by the husband she has chosen to honor her hand.

Mr. and Mrs. Barrett left on the afternoon train for Kirksville, Mo., where they will visit for a short time with Mr. and Mrs. Manville Carothers, a sister of Mr. Barrett.

They will be at home after January 15, on the farm four miles west of Skidmore.

Mr. and Mrs. Link will reside on a farm near Maitland.

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