Don’t be a Sugar Hoarder

Like many other local newspapers in World War I, the Skidmore News did its part to share government notices from the U. S. Food Administration. This item from the August 8, 1918 edition urged citizens to eat less sugar. The reason was not health or weight loss, as we might see today:

Hoarding Sugar

Hoarding sugar is a thing that cannot be too severly condemned, especially at a time when assurance is given that it is not necessary. There will be enough to go around if everyone adheres strictly to the ration of two pounds a month a person. It is a patriotic duty on the part of any citizen who knows when hoarding is being practiced to report it immediately to the nearest local food administrator. Since sugar can be so easily hidden away, good citizens are all the more duty bound to stamp out this pernicious practice. If any great inconvenience is felt in sugar deprivation by those who are living up to our program, the blame must be placed on selfish and unpatriotic hoarders of sugar. — U. S. Food Administration, Missouri Division.

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