Don Your Overalls and Let’s Go to Work

Skidmore, Missouri was a busy place at this time 100 years ago. Here’s the proclamation from the April 22, 1920 Skidmore News, page 1:


Known all men, women and children by These Present:

That whereas, the National Clean up and Paint up campaign has resulted in many advantages in community life throughout the United States, in safeguarding Health; in promoting Thrift; in furthering Fire Prevention; in stimulating Civic Pride; and in making the “Home and City Beautiful”

Now, Therefore, Be it known that plans have been perfected for a thorough Clean up and Paint up campaign in Skidmore,

Beginning Monday, April 26, 1920. This date to mark the opening of a real campaign of persistent and constructive effort in cleaning up and keeping it up. In this worthy movement we urge each citizen to do his or her part to make our community Clean, Healthy, Thrifty, Safe and Beautiful.

On Friday April 30th, the city of Skidmore will furnish teams and wagons for the purpose of hauling away all cans and rubbish, of a light nature, provided, however you do not try to impose on them by asking them to move something you should have hauled away yourself. The street commissioner to be the judge. This rubbish must be in a pile in the alley to the rear of your property. This includes everyone, with special stress on the business districts.

The Civic League has kindly consented to cooperate with the city officials in this campaign. The business district of the city will have a committee represented by A. C. Dodds, M. T. Loucks, L. D. Jordan, G. H. Patterson, J. W. Weddle, Jr., A. J. Hill and J. O. Miller. These gentlemen are kindly asked to help, and cooperate with the city in making Skidmore business district Clean. The object of this committee is to help enlist the business men in a general clean up of their premises. If Friday, April 30th should be an unfit day for this crusade the following Monday, May 3, will be the day.

We wish to have all business men observe the ordinance in regard to obstructing the side walk. As this ordinance will be enforced.

Don your overalls and let’s go to work.

W. G. Reynolds, Mayor.

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