Do You Want Darkness or Light?

Some strong opinions on a subject we now take for granted, as published in the Supplement to the Skidmore Standard on October 7, 1904:

Do You Want Darkness or Light?

Some of our citizens seem to be interested in an electric light proposition, which we think is a wise thing. There are several towns not any larger than Skidmore that has electric lights and water works. If the citizens of this town do not want to furnish the capital to build and operate such a system, outside capitalists can be induced to come here and build and operate such a plant by giving them an opportunity.

The little city of Craig, in Holt county, owns and successfully operates a system of electric lights and we can’t see why our own town is not able to do likewise in this respect. We have one of the neatest and cleanest towns along the Nodaway Valley branch and let’s keep up our good name by advancing along in the line of good and substantial improvements of these kinds. There are some who are always ready to howl about any proposition that may be offered for the advancement of our city.

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