Do We Boom?

Progress, as reported by the January 12, 1900 Skidmore Standard:

Do We Boom?  Do We Build?
A Prosperous Year for Skidmore

If the building and improvements of a town are any indications of its prosperity, Skidmore has certainly prospered in the past year.  The buildings that have been completed and those that are nearing completion have cost in the aggregate $20,000 or more.  There have been more buildings put up in a single year before, but there were more better and substantial buildings built last year than ever before.

We give below a partial list of those who have put up new buildings or made improvements or additions to buildings:

George Chadduck, residence and stable.
H. W. Montgomery, residence and stable.
Daniel Albright, residence and stable.
Samuel Bender, residence and stable.
James Gale, residence.
John Goodwin, residence.
M. P. Horn, addition to residence.
A. B. Kingery, addition to residence.
Ed Rachau, addition to residence.
Mrs. Maria Bender, residence.
Harry Appleman, stable.
Fayette Cook, stable.
Daniel Brown, stable.
W. R. Linville, 34×70 ft. store room, brick and veneer.
W. J. Skidmore, 50×60 ft. store room, brick.

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