Disappeared Husband

After a month of hearts, flowers and wedding announcements, we thought it might be time for a dash of cold, hard anti-romance.  We found that easily in the December 26, 1902 Skidmore Standard on page 1.  We hope Mrs. Nelson found some closure, if not the wandering Mr. Nelson.

A Sad Home:  Wife Makes a Piteous Appeal to an Absent Husband.

My husband disappeared February 22, 1902 as if the earth had swallowed him up.  He is a good man, capable, honest, truthful and upright in all his dealings; but he has made some mistake early in life, or, as many think, there was a temporary derangement of his mind, for his surroundings were pleasant and married life harmonious, never having had any misunderstanding or an unkind word in three years of same.  He was a devoted husband and a loving father, and loves us still and we love him.  Under such circumstances it is almost death to either one of us to live apart.

I appeal to you, who have loving homes and little ones to make the union more perfect, to help me find my husband.  William Robert Nelson, who is a large, muscular man, 6 feet tall, slightly bald, dark complexion and has a scar in the corner of his eye and another scar about 1 inch in size just below the elbow.

He is 37 years old.  Anyone knowing of his whereabouts will confer a great favor by writing to Mrs. W. R. Nelson, Nettleton, Mo.  His people will also welcome him home as one risen from the dead and rejoice in the reuniting of the loved ones that now remain and extend to him the property left by his people which awaits his return.

William, write to your wife and baby and give them the much desired opportunity of getting a letter to you which will explain make the wrong right, be happy and make happy again.  If you do not want to live with your wife and baby write and say so and give her a chance to make preparations to care for your curly headed child and not go through life watching and looking till the heart’s cords break asunder.

Other papers whose editors know the love of home, please copy.

Mrs. W. R. Nelson, Nettleton, Mo.

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