Delectable Refreshments and Ingenious Schemes

That Neighborly club sure knew how to throw a party.  As told by the Skidmore Standard, February 2, 1900, page 5:

Neighborly Club Opening.

Mrs. A. W. Sewell and Mrs. Freytag, assisted by Miss Laura Ashbrook, entertained the Neighborly Club in a highly delightful manner last evening.  The pleasures of the evening began with a song by the members of the club followed with piano duets by Mrs. J. H. Grigsby and daughter, Miss Callie; Mesdames Grigsby and Strickler, Mrs. Grigsby and Miss Maude Montgomery; a vocal solo by Mrs. A. W. Sewell, a violin solo by Miss Edith Torrey and a recitation by Miss Anna Medsker.

Delectable refreshments were served at 11 o’clock, and then the ingenious schemes which had been so nicely and carefully planned by the ladies were disclosed from time to time to the guests, furnishing much mirth and pleasure.

One of these was a guessing contest, in which nineteen questions were written on cards and the answer to each question is the title of a – at one time – popular song.  But the most mirth provoking idea was the requirement of each guest to model some animal with chewing gum, designated by the name on a card which was given to each one.  Prizes were awarded in this contest – a first and booby.  Mr. Ed T. Duval receiving a cake of toilet soap as the latter and F. N. Campbell, three fine cigars tied in a lovely red ribbon, as the first.  But the cutest thing of all was the cake walk by R. G. and little Mildred Sewell.

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