Deacon Dubbs, 1922

Theater news from the August 24, 1922 Skidmore News (Skidmore, Missouri), page 1:

“Deacon Dubbs” Friday Night.
Deacon Dubbs, a comedy drama, will be presented at the Royal tomorrow evening under the auspices of the Comrad Class of the M. E. South Sunday School. The cast has been practicing regularly for several days, and the entertainment promises to be very good.

The Cast:
Deacon Dubbs – Erman Miller
Amos Coleman – Marvin Hitchcock
Rawdon Crawley – Earl King
Major McNutt – Homer Beverlin
Deuteronomy Jones – Ham Bramble
Rose Raleigh – Mildred Barrett
Miss Philipena Popover – Mrs. Robert Barrett, Sr.
Emily Dale – Alletta Devers
Trixie Coleman – Ella Hitchcock
Yennie Yensen – Myrtle Merritt

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