Darn Homophones

The following bit o’ humor is brought to us by the Fairfax Forum, as retold in the Skidmore Standard’s September 23, 1902 edition, page 4:

There is a story told down in the interior of the state that reminds us of a certain Fairfax man’s experience not so long since: This man is very fond of honey and wherever he makes a trip away from home he invariably stops at a hotel where they supply the tables with that article. On a recent trip he was accompanied by his wife and just as they were approaching the city he told his wife he was nearing the place where he could get his honey. That night as they dined at the hotel he turned to a waiter and asked: “Where is my honey?” With a broad smile the waiter replied, “You mean that li’l black haired one? Oh, she don’t work here no mo’.” The man has done a lot of explaining to his wife, but she isn’t just satisfied yet. — Forum.”

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