Cyclone Near Bolckow

Be careful out there.  It is a stormy season, just as it was in 1900.  As reported in the May 11, 1900 Skidmore Standard:

A Cyclone.

A small cyclone, a genuine twister, passed over a part of this county Sunday afternoon. The cloud formed about 5 miles west of Bolckow and went in a northeast direction doing considerable damage in places. The farm house and fine barn, the property of Mr. A. Gressley, were considerably damaged but not destroyed, as it was near this place that the storm originated.

The residence on Mr. William Wade’s farm was totally demolished. The roof and portions of the building being scattered all over the fields. Trees on this farm were uprooted and blown down.

The cloud was watched by people in Bolckow who could distinctly see its whirling motion. The storm occurred about six o’clock.

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