Cure for La Grippe

He cured some people of their wallets, certainly.  From the February 1, 1901 Skidmore Standard, page 5:

A Cure for the Grippe.

A fake doctor with an oily tongue and a big mustache made a small haul here in about half an hour one day last week.  He came from the north, several days before he talked business, but that was from necessity rather than choice; because he had left his “cure all” in his grip at Burlington Junction, and the hotel man at that place failed to express it to Skidmore as he had promised to do.

The ‘doctor’ stayed close to his room, and sweated and swore each time a train came from the north without his much desired grip.  It was a matter of wonder to agent Dodds, landlord Tate and some others why the doctor did not go up to the Junction and get the grip, but it is now clear that he would have waited many days longer than he did, rather than risk facing some of his Burlington Junction customers.  But the doctor finally got his grip and sold enough of his remedy to cover his expenses here and then left suddenly for greener fields.

Those people who gave him a half dollar have a small bottle, with a large neck, in which is inclosed a small sponge saturated with something that makes the nose hurt and the tears come in the eyes, if too big a sniff is taken.  But, then, they also have the doctor’s guarantee that it is an unfailing preventive of the grippe, a sure cure for headache, neuralgia, bad colds, rheumatism, etc.  Next!

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