Coston Steel Sleeve, 1921

From page 1 of the June 16, 1921 Skidmore News:

Patent drawing for a bolt sleeve by Ed Coston
One of two patents on file for Ed Coston of Skidmore, Missouri.

Local Men Obtain Patent

Two local men, Clyde Barrett and Ed Coston, are putting on the market a new device for tightening bolts after the bolt holes have become worn.  The device, which is known as the Coston Steel Sleeve, was invented by Mr. Barrett at Mr. Coston’s suggestion.  It is a conical steel bushing, and was originally designed for tightening the steering mechanism of Ford cars.

After the Coston Steel Sleeve had been designed, the fact became evident that it would not only work on a Ford car, but on any kind of machine where bolts pass through metal or wood, and where it is necessary that the bolts fit snugly.  It is to be made in standard sizes to fit the sizes most commonly used in bolts.

The patent has been received and the first salesman went on the road this week.

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