Community Christmas

1920 brought the arrival of Skidmore’s first Community Christmas.  It would appear that a significant part of the community did participate.  From the December 23, 1920 edition:

Community Christmas Entertainment Friday
Everything in Readiness for First Community Christmas Friday Evening.

Everything is now in readiness for Skidmore’s first Community Christmas, to be held Friday evening at the Royal Hall.  The operetta, “A Tale of Christmas Eve,” is being practiced daily, and preparations are under way for the biggest and best Christmas entertainment ever held in Skidmore.

“A Tale of Christmas Eve.”
Act I
Scene — A street by the church.
Time — Christmas Eve.
(Characters in order of appearance)
People going to church
(Same as singers in church)
Mr. A. C. Dodds, Mr. George Manchester, Mr. Frank Barrett, Mr. Ralston McClain, Miss Ella Manchester, Miss Mary Ashbrook, Miss Hope Manchester, Mrs. Mervyn Gray, Mrs. Ray Strickler, Mrs. Edith Glenn.

Jenny (A little street musician) – – – – – – – Ellanor Sewell
Paul (her little brother, a street singer) – – – – – – – Richard Barrett
Sandmen — Bernard Shell, Harold Hill, Don Weddle
Elfs — Harold Myers, Ernest Barrett, Dean Weddle, Paul Shell, Franklin Charles, Richard King
Father Time ——- Rev. C. E. Olson
Fairies ——- Maxine Stevens, Virginia Miller, Dorothy Ashbrook, Naoma Morehead, Evelyn Stewart.
Fairy Queen ——- Katherine Gray

Scene — Santa Claus’ Workshop

Wax Dolls
Marie Barrett
Louise Hoblitzell
Margaret Hoblitzell
Norma Charles
Eleanor Montgomery

Rag Dolls
Mary Esther Loucks
Eunice Horn
Virginia Morgan

Tin Soldiers
Lawrence Linville
Hiram Montgomery
Frances Linville
William White
Carl Skidmore

Sailor Dolls
Alfred Smith
Ward Chester Olson
Charlie White

Teddy Bears
Anna Lee Money
Hazel Grovenberg

Jumping Jacks
William Hill
Donald Logan

Colonial Dolls
Pauline Manchester
Margaret Strickler

Gwendollin (the dancing doll with a human heart) – – – – – – -Eula Miller
Jester Doll ——- Vernon Barrett
Nina (singing doll) —- Dorothy Glenn
Cucoo clock ——- Byron Linville
Little birds —- Maxine Shell, Lois Barrett, Geneva Dale Logan, Velma Loucks, Leona May Newton, Lois Northup

From the Mother Goose Book
Mother Goose ——-Thelma Ford
Jack —— Forrest Owens
Jill ——- Ruth Money
Old King Cole ——- Dean Sauceman
Old woman in a Shoe —- Bertha Smith
Children of old woman in the shoe —- Jennie Newlon, Harold Johnson, Adora Grovenberg, Burl Northup, Rolland Bodle
Humpty Dumpty ——- Bill Newton
Boy Blue ——- Madison Stewart
Bo Peep ——- Louise Logan
Little Sheep ——- Geraldine Stevens
Miss Muffet ——- Helen McMahon
Simple Simon ——- Frances Bagby
Smarty Smarty ——- Harold Monk
Mary, quite contrary ——- Geraldine Strickler
Flowers —- Maxine Shell, Lois Barrett, Geneva Dale Logan, Velma Loucks, Leona May Newton, Lois Northup
Chickens —- Georgia May Ashbrook, Ida Beth Newlon, Evelyn Monk
Santa Claus ——- Ralston McClain

Scene — A living room in Winthrop’s home
(Characters in order of appearance)
Lucy Winthrop (a spoiled child) ——- Winnie Hoblitzell
Mrs. Winthrop ——- Leona Sewell
Mr. Winthrop (the wealthiest man in town) ——- Junior Skidmore

Scene — Same as Scene 1 – one hour later

The program was declared a success in the following week’s issue.  From the December 30, 1920 edition, page 1:

Christmas Program Successful
The Community Christmas entertainment held at the Royal Hall Friday evening was very interesting and showed much careful preparation.  The program was carried out as planned, no ‘last minute’ changes or substitutions being necessary, as is so often the case.

Judging from the successful way in which this first community Christmas program was carried out, and the evident satisfaction of the town and community, it seems probable that the community idea will become a permanent one here.

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