Comings and Goings, Early March 1921

The Skidmore News kept the citizens of Skidmore, Missouri and surrounding area up-to-date on the happenings in town. Here are a few items from the front page of the March 3, 1921 edition:

Mrs. Roy Morgan was a Maryville visitor Tuesday.

E. J. Bender left Monday for his home at Berthoud, Colo.

Mrs. W. R. Fullerton returned Friday from Ridgeway, Mo.

Lost — A pair of spectacles in case. Finder please notify B. E. Wood.

Mrs. W. W. Grigsby had dental work done at Maryville this week.

Miss Carrie Torrey of Omaha, Nebr., spent the week-end at home.

Guy McClain was a Maitland visitor Tuesday afternoon between trains.

Mrs. C. E. Linville and Miss Opal Hart were Burlington Junction visitors Friday.

Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Garnett are attending the automobile show at St. Joseph today.

John Jahne of Savannah and Miss Ora Crawford of near Graham visited Sunday afternoon with Mr. and Mrs. G. L. Lewis.

Mrs. Linwood Singleton of Burlington Junction came Tuesday morning to spend the week with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Barrett.

Mr. and Mrs. Rollo Howden and Mr. and Mrs. Howard Garrett of Wilcox drove to St. Joseph Tuesday afternoon and attended the Fashion Show.

Miss Grace Foster went to Omaha Saturday to visit her aunt, Mrs. Brown, and a friend, Mrs. Edward Altrock. She will be gone about three weeks.

Z. C. Lockhart and C. J. Williams loaded their car yesterday for Frankfort, Kansas. Mr. Lockhart left today with the car, and Mr. Williams will go in a few days.

J. S. Davis, son of Mrs. Mary Slaughter, has moved to the J. T. Linville farm four miles northeast of town. He has leased the farm for a period of three years.

Mrs. L. N. Torrey went to Burlington Junction Friday evening to meet her daughter, Miss Carrie, on her way home from Omaha. They came home Saturday morning.

J. O. Miller, J. C. Spahr, and Mark Loucks made a trip to the farm in Holt county Monday. Mrs. Miller went as far as Maitland with them. Willie Glenn, who has been living on their farm for a good many years, returned with them for a few days’ visit.

The ladies of the M. E. Church held a very successful kitchen window last Saturday at Foster’s store. Everything was sold, and the ladies made $25. This window was held by the ladies in the east part of town. Those in the west part will hold one soon.

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