Clyde Collins Would Accept No Reward

We applaud Clyde’s honesty and repeat his story as it was printed in the Skidmore New Era (Skidmore, Missouri), December 3, 1908, page 1:

Would Accept No Reward.

Clyde Collins found the ladies’ hand satchel, a notice of which, under the head, “found,” was published in The New Era, Oct. 27. It proved to be the property of Mrs. Joseph Fries of Mound City. The satchel contained a pair of glasses, silk gloves, silver thimble, ladies’ handkerchief, and a small purse containing about $1.80.

Mrs. Fries wrote the editor describing the satchel and contents and said that if the property was hers for the finder to pay the advertising notice, send the hand bag and contents to Henry Fries and accept the money in the small purse with her grateful thanks.

Clyde paid the notice out of the money in the purse and had us to mail the satchel, balance of money, and other contents as directed, and would accept no reward for his honesty.

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