Close Call

From the July 7, 1899 Skidmore Standard:

Close Call From Lightning

Mr. Daniel Albright, who resides on a fine farm about three miles east of town, came into our sanctum, yesterday to tell us of the lightning’s work at his place, Wednesday night.  He said when the cloud came up it was so ugly looking that he and the family went to the cave.  There was one peal of thunder that sounded especially close, so he went up out of the cave and into the house to see if any damage had been done.  Not finding any, he returned to the cave and remained until the storm was over.  The money light revealed the fact that a large cottonwood tree standing about forty feet from the house had been struck and large splinters from it were scattered all over the yard, some of them being thrown against the house.  Three years ago, during a thunderstorm one afternoon, lightning struck Mr. Albright’s large barn and it was burned together with considerable grain.  From these experiences, Mr. Albright has come to be much afraid of lightning and says he will seek safety in a cave every time when a thunderstorm is raging.

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