Close Call for Mr. Young

Be careful when you’re out in this spring weather.  We are reminded to remind you of this when we read of a narrow escape, as reported by the May 11, 1900 Skidmore Standard on page 1:

Stunned by Lightning.

Five miles northeast of town Monday morning, Mr. James Young had a narrow escape from death.  He was in his barn harnessing a horse when a bolt of lightning struck the building; the horse, which he was in the act of bridling, being instantly killed and Mr. Young rendered unconscious by the shock.

A corn crib was also badly damaged by the same bolt and Mrs. Young who had just come out of the crib received a severe shock.  Neighbors were hastily summoned and by their efforts the injured man was at length restored to consciousness.  The horse, killed, was a very fine farm animal.

An amusing incident occurred during the excitement which prevailed when the neighbors learned that Mr. Young had been struck by lightning.  Thomas McDonald who is afflicted with rheumatism forgot for the time all about his lameness and ran more than a quarter of a mile to the scene of the disaster, making as fast time as if he had never been troubled with stiffness in his joints.

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