It’s never too late for a clean-up – especially one followed by a band concert.  From the May 4, 1916 Skidmore News:

Mayor Appoints Week for Skidmore Clean-Up

Whereas, The City of Skidmore, like our homes, being in need of spring house cleaning and realizing the pride we all take in our town, our business and our homes and knowing we will all give our hearty support, it is hereby

Ordained, That we, the citizens of Skidmore set the week beginning May 8th and ending May 13th as clean-up week, and that we make every effort to present at the close of said week a clean, prepossessing appearance that will attract people to our town and every one who comes may admire it.  J. O. Miller, Mayor.

Skidmore Civic League’s Clean-Up Week
Resolved, That the Skidmore Civic League ask the City of Skidmore and each citizen as an individual to join in a great clean- and paint-up campaign, beginning Monday, May 8th and closing Friday, May 12th, leaving Saturday, May 13th for inspection and closing at night with a band concert.

To the end that this campaign may be a great success and may make of Skidmore (already noted as one of the cleanest little cities in the county, one of the best counties in Missouri) the Civic League invites the earnest and hearty co-operation of the newspaper, leader in all civic improvements, the Mayor and Board of Aldermen, always progressive; the business men, for leaner stores make better business; the ministers and the churches, for cleanliness is next to godliness; the women’s clubs, for no great improvement is ever accomplished without the help of good women, and last, but not least, our public school, the foundation of education.  (Signed) W. H. Welton, President of Skidmore Civic League.  Attested: Mrs. Louis Garnett, Sec.

Please pile all rubbish in retainers in a convenient place not later than Thursday night and it will be hauled away by the city.

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