Class Party

When the Skidmore newspaper reported on a party, the reader could expect to learn that the celebration had been the most joyous, the guests the most entertaining and entertained, the hostess the finest, the food the most delicious, and the evening the most pleasant.  The September 28, 1911 Skidmore New Era tells us of one such delightful evening:

A Class Party

The Junior Class of the Skidmore High School was entertained at the beautiful country home of Oto Riley, a member of the class on Friday evening, Sept. 22.

The most remarkable feature of the evening was all that the boys went alone and left the girls to do their own driving.  The girls greatly regret the lack of chivalry on the part of the boys, for one crowd became somewhat alarmed at the peculiar actions of parties with whom they chanced to meet while passing through the dark and lonely lane, “Sleepy Hollow.”

Those present were Clo Barber, Florence Jordan, Grace Foster, Ethel Porter, Mable Sauceman, Beulah Carden, Ira Fantz, Burman Wright, Sumner Aldridge and Oto Riley.  The only one being absent was Cecil Phipps.

The evening was spent in playing various parlor games.  At a late hour a very delightful super consisting of cocoa, ham sandwiches, peanut sandwiches, fig newtons, pickles, cake, fruits and watermelon was served.  After refreshments the party broke up, voting Mrs. Riley a very entertaining hostess, and she in turn considered herself very much edified by the series of class yells to which she had listened during the evening.

The six girls spent the remainder of the night at the home of A. C. Barber in a slumber party.  At first they thought it was not destined to be a slumber party but after they had shaken the salt and beans from the sheets and had removed the shoes from beneath the mattress, they had a delightful rest until morning.

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