City Water System for $24,000

From the Skidmore News (Skidmore, Missouri), July 7, 1921, page 1:

Estimates Received for Water System
Will Cost $24,000.00 — Special Election Called for Tuesday, July 26.

Estimates on the cost of a water system for Skidmore have been submitted by E. T. Archer & Co., of Kansas City, and a special election has been called for July 26, when the proposition will be voted on.

The estimate is based on the assumption that 125 or 130 connections can be made at once. The proposed system would serve 181 establishments, but the estimate is based on the smaller number for the reason that many would not have the connection made.

The system as outlined would cost $24,000. The company estimates that if the bonds issued are for a period of 20 years, a tax of from 3.1 to 5.5 mils on the dollar would be sufficient to meet the payments as they fall due, provided the revenue from the system was not used for that purpose. It is also claimed that if all revenues derived from the system, in excess of the operating cost, should be applied on these payments, no tax would be necessary.

According to the plans furnished by E. T. Archer & Co., the water will be supplied from one dug well, approximately 15 feet in diameter and 30 feet deep, located directly east of the depot. A 150 gallon per minute centrifugal pump, driven by a 15 horse power motor would be necessary to pump the water to the 40,000 gallon steel storage tank which is to stand on a 100 foot tower. The location of the tower has not been definitely decided upon, but it has been tentatively placed in the open space at the rear of the Model Drug Store. If located here, the tank will be 50 feet higher than the school house, which, according to the survey, is on the highest point in town. This would give a pressure of about 55 pounds at the school house.

The pumps will be operated automatically, always keeping the tank practically full of water. There will be thirteen fire hydrants, so located that nearly every house in town will be within 500 feet of one of them.

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