Charlie Robbins’ Blackberries

If you want your name to appear in a small town paper, bring the editor some excellent produce. Works every time, and it worked for Charlie Robbins in the July 26, 1901 edition of the Skidmore Standard. The berries were good enough to rate a page one appearance:

Last Wednesday afternoon Charlie Robbins who lives in Florida Park and is conducting a small but very neat and profitable fruit and chicken farm, came into our office and made us a present of a quart of the finest blackberries we have seen this year. The dry weather has been very hard on this kind of fruit, as well as all others, and Mr. Robbins says if the season had been favorable he would have had a very large crop. He said that he had two patches of blackberries, one of them he had cultivated and one he did not. The one receiving attention produced a very fine berry, but the ones the weeds were allowed to grow in produced nothing as the berries all dried up.

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