Cattle Business

The cattle business has never been an easy one, as we see in this story from the May 11, 1900 Skidmore Standard, page 3:

Monday evening, W. R. Linville and T. B. Slaughter loaded five cars of stock – 3 cars of cattle and two cars of hogs – for the St. Joseph market. They intended to go down to see the stock weighed and sold, but Mr. Linville failed to get his contract signed in time and the train left without him. He started after it but gave up the chase when he reached the switch and saw that he was a good quarter of a mile behind. ┬áThe conductor was out of humor and in more of a hurry than usual that evening.

As Mr. Linville came back, some of the loafers about the depot expressed it as their opinion that he was mad; others said he was only half mad. Be that as it may, his face was not a mirror of his mind so we are unable to state whether he was angry or not. He did not have to milk that night, and the officials recognized his right to a free ride next day to St. Joseph where he saw his cattle sell for $5.25 per hundred, thus topping the market.

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