Car Thieves Caught, 1920

We’re wondering how the thieves managed to transport a dozen chickens in the Buick, with no damage to the car. At any rate, here’s some criminal justice news from the September 2, 1920 Skidmore News (Skidmore, Missouri), page 1:

Car Thieves Caught.
A telephone message was received this morning that a Buick touring car, supposedly stolen, had passed through Maitland, headed toward Skidmore. Maitland authorities had given chase, but were unable to keep up with the big Buick, so they phoned ahead to the local authorities. The car was found about three miles south of Skidmore, where the two occupants were putting on a chain which had come off.
Communication with the Chief of Police at St. Joseph established the identity of the car as one that was stolen from L. G. Stiegel of that place Tuesday.

The car showed evidence of having been driven through mud and rain, but was not damaged.

The two men had about a dozen hens in the car, which they said they intended selling in Skidmore. They were taken to Maryville to be held until the St. Joseph authorities arrive.

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