Car Alarm

W. I. Gray came up with quite a burglar alarm in Ravenwood in 1921, as we see in the May 12, 1921 Skidmore News:

Broke into Garage, but Left Car.

When W. I. Gray of Ravenwood recovered his car after it was stolen last year, he determined that the next thief would get a surprise in the way of protective devices.  So Mr. Gray put stout locks on both of the doors of his garage and attached a loaded revolver with the barrel pointed up, to the second door in such a manner as to cause it to be discharged when the lock was broken and the door opened.  Last Thursday morning, according to the Maryville Tribune, Mr. Gray found the locks on both doors broken and the revolver discharged, but the car was still in the garage.

Mr. Gray says he now intends to replace the revolver with a double barreled shotgun loaded with buckshot — and he mans to aim the gun at the door.

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