Candy from Patterson’s, 1922

Ad, "Put Candy in Santa's Pack," 1922, Skidmore, Missouri. Text of ad follows.
Ad for Patterson’s Cafe of Skidmore, Missouri. Skidmore News, 14 Dec 1922, p. 4

Advertisement reads, “Put candy in Santa’s Pack. don’t let the Christmas pack be disappointing — and disappointing it will be without candy. Supplying the whole family will be a small expense, considering the delight it will bring. A complete fresh stock now ready, put up in the Christmas Spirit boxes. Smokes for Christmas. You can’t possibly think of anything that will give the men folks more pleasure. They’ll enjoy the Smokes and appreciate your thoughtfulness. Patterson’s CafĂ©. Special line of Candies, Nuts and Fruits for the Public Schools and Sunday Schools.”

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