Buy your mittens now

Advertisement for a sale on mittens and gloves at the R. B. Foster store in Skidmore, Missouri in 1921. Text of ad follows.
Ad for the R. B. Foster store of Skidmore, Missouri in the Skidmore News, September 29, 1921. Buy your Mittens Now.

Advertisement reads, “Foster’s Cash Store. The Good Quality Store. Why wear your out your fingers when you can buy Canton Flannel Mittens and Gloves at such low prices? Our No. 44 Men’s Husking Mittens, two-thumb, every heavy knap. Per doz. pairs $2.00. Our No. 4212, Men’s Husking Mittens, two-thumb, single face, welted seams. Per dozen pairs, $2.00. Our No. 135. Men’s heavy Canton Gloves knap out. Per dozen pairs, $2.40. Our No. 643 Men’s extra heavy Canton Gloves, knap in, extra quality flannel. Per dozen pairs, $2.40. Men’s Jersey Gloves, Grey or Brown. Per pair, 15c. Boys’ Mittens and Gloves at variety of prices. Buy your Mittens Now. It pays to pay cash. R. B. Foster.”

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