Busier, Bigger, Better Skidmore, 1908

A pep talk from the Skidmore New Era (Skidmore, Missouri), April 30, 1908, page 1:

Let’s Make Skidmore Better.

While it is acknowledged by those who are in position to know, that Skidmore is one of the best towns in Northwest Missouri, it is possible to make a better town, if her citizens will work together for the town’s advancement.

Aside from being one of the best trading and shipping points in this section, Skidmore is noted for its quietude and good morals. She enjoys the distinction of teaching in her Sunday Schools a greater number, considering population, than any town in this and adjoining counties.

But don’t you know the town can be made still better and of more worth to those who live in and around it, if an organized effort is made in that direction? It most assuredly can.

Other towns are making rapid advancement through the medium of organizations known as commercial clubs and businessmens’ leagues, and there is no reason why Skidmore should not have the advantage of an organization of this nature. Let’s get busy.

The columns of next week’s paper are open to every business man who desires to say a word in regard to this matter. Let’s hear from every business man, and above all things let’s hasten the work of organizing a club for making a busier, bigger and better Skidmore.

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