Burr Oak Notes, June 1921

From the June 9, 1921 edition of the Skidmore News (Skidmore, Missouri), page 1:

Burr Oak Notes.
There will be preaching services at Burr Oak next Sunday morning. In keeping with Children’s Week, the pastor will preach from the subject, “Our Duty to Our Posterity.” Your presence is desired.

In the evening the Children’s Day program will be given. You will be interested in this service rendered by the primary department of the Sunday School. Come early and secure a good seat.
Missouri Wesleyan Quartette June 23. Be sure and hear them. No admission fee.
C. H. Sauceman.

North Burr Oak Items.
Pauline Chaney visited with Mrs. Stovall Tuesday.

Jesse McDonald was a St. Joseph visitor Monday and Tuesday.

Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Chaney made a business trip to Graham Monday.

Mr. and Mrs. Ross Appleman and Leona were Sunday visitors of A. M. Long and family.

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Appleman and children were Sunday visitors at the W. B. Ward home.

Mr. and Mrs. Dale Latta and children were Sunday visitors at the Jesse Roberts home.

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Barrett and children and Mr. and Mrs. Jesse McDonald and daughter spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. M. O. Stovall.

Mr. and Mrs. David White and sons and Mrs. Jesse Davis and daughter, Doris Belle, were Friday visitors at the Jesse McDonald home.

Thursday, June 2 being the regular meeting day of the Burr Oak Ladies Aid Society, the members gathered at the home of Mrs. Vernon Ward for an all-day session. Dinner was served by Mrs. Ward and her assistants. Two quilts were finished. Those present were: Mrs. Lester Lininger, Mrs. Lutz, Mr. and Mrs. John Sauceman, Rev. and Mrs. Sauceman, Dean and Howard Sauceman, Misses Viola Barber, Ophelia Ward, Myrtle Argo, Floyd Deffenbaugh, Josephine Kenady, Philip and Ernest Barrett, Roberta and Reed Barrett, Elizabeth Ann Botkin, Ella Louise McDonald, Erman and Francis Sauceman, Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Ward and son Carl, Mrs. Ross Appleman, Mrs. Jesse McDonald, Mrs. Frank Appleman, Mrs. Fred Botkin, Mrs. Otis Kenady, Mrs. Fred Barrett, Mrs. John Barber and children, Mrs. Robert Barrett, Mrs. Hays Ruddell, Mrs. Milt Hays, Mrs. Will Argo, Mrs. Chas. Long, Mrs. W. B. Ward, Mrs. M. O. Stovall.

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