Burglars in Skidmore

From the May 22, 1903 Skidmore Standard:

Burglars in Skidmore.

Kellogg, Price & Smith’s Store Robbed — The Lock On Barrett Hitchcock & Montgomery’s Tampered With — The Depot Also Entered.

Tuesday night some party, or parties broke into Kellogg, Price & Smith’s department store, they were, no doubt, expecting to find considerable money, as after trying to pry the lock, which they could not do, they smashed in a door glass and looted the cash register, luckily this only contained about $7.00.  It is not known whether they took any goods but it is thought not.

From there the burglar evidently crossed the street to Barrett, Hitchcock & Montgomery’s place of business, here they tried prying the door but were unsuccessful. The depot was their next place. This they entered by taking out a window glass.  Here they secured $1.19 in pennies.

The tools with which they did the work were taken from Frank Burk’s blacksmith shop and from the coarse manner in which the entrances were effected it is evident that they were amateurs in the business, outside of the fact that it must have been a small man who crawled through the window, no other clue has been found.

Two suspicious characters were searched the next morning but as nothing was found on them which could warrant their being held, they were turned loose.

All possible efforts should be made to apprehend this class of thieves.


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