Bridge Fund, 1908

From the August 6, 1908 Skidmore New Era (Skidmore, Missouri), page 1:

Receipts and Disbursements of Bridge Fund.

W. M. Howden, $5.00
Jordan, Thomas & Co., 5.00
M. P. Horn, 5.00
Armstrong & Covington, 5.00
Farmers Bank, 5.00
Daniel Brown, 5.00
C. C. Hendrix, 5.00
J. F. Kellogg, 5.00
Barrett, Stoolfer & Owens, 5.00
Bank of Skidmore, 5.00
R. A. Walker, 5.00
G. D. Fullerton, 5.00
Roy Cottril, 2.50
W. R. Kennedy, 2.50
Harry Barrett, 2.50
J. O. Miller, 5.00
T. L. Howden, 2.50
Manchester & Dodds, 5.00
Ray Strickler, 2.50
J. W. Thomas, 2.50
B. C. Holt, 5.00
R. B. Foster, 5.00
E. T. Duval, 5.00
E. M. Stokes, 2.00
J. E. Littler, 2.50
I. S. Dawson, 2.50
W. E. Linville, 2.50
W. C. Hinnerichs, 1.00
J. W. Miller, 2.00
W. R. Fullerton, 1.00
Dr. F. A. Lee, 2.00
George Murray, 2.50
C. E. Pope, 5.00
James Newton, 1.00
Ed Fargo, 2.50
John Barrett, 5.00
W. E. Hammond, 1.00
M. A. Sewell, 2.00
P. W. Ocker, 1.00
W. J. Hitchcock, 5.00
George Stoolfer, 2.50
Charles Beverlin, 1.00
Robert Barrett, 1.00
J. C. Collins, 5.00
Charles Cottril, 5.00
Charles Brown, 5.00
Lloyd A. Linville, 2.00
W. H. Hill, 1.00
Charles Pfeiffer, 2.50
David Hitchcock, 2.50
R. G. Medsker, 1.00

Total — $169.00

Charles Hollensbee, $29.50
Jordan, Thomas & Co, 5.30
W. J. Skidmore, 5.00
Robert Barrett, 7.75
G. L. Manchester, 1.50
J. O. Miller, 52.00
Ray Strickler, 1.54
Lincoln Hitchcock, 1.50
Total — $103.09
Total receipts — $169.00
Less total disbursements — 103.09

Balance on hand — $65.91

This shows that $169 was donated and $103.09 was paid out, leaving a balance of $65.91 not used. On motion this balance was prorated to those who subscribed at the rate of 39 cents on the dollar.

All who subscribed are requested to apply to The Bank of Skidmore for the balance coming to them.

Printed by the order of the Bridge Fund Executive Committee.
Committee: L. D. Jordan, E. L. Armstrong, Aaron Linville. J. F. Kellogg, Secretary.

More Money Than Was Needed.
In another column will be found a statement of the receipts and disbursements of the fund raised to cover the expense of replacing that part of the river bridge that fell just after the high waters subsided. By reading this statement it will be seen that only 61 per cent of the amount subscribed was used and the remaining 39 per cent is being turned back to the subscribers.

There are several who donated work whose names do not appear on the list. These omitted because it is impossible to tell just how much time was spent by each individual, and it is possible the names of some might be omitted thereby leaving room for hard feelings.

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