Bread Baking Contest a Success, 1909

Skidmore, Missouri’s Barrett, Stoolfer and Owens, The Store of the People, sponsored a bread baking contest in June 1909. Here is that company’s report, as published in the Skidmore New Era’s June 17, 1909 edition, page 9:

A Bread Baking Contest That Was a Success.
Competent judges: Mrs. W. T. Miller of Winchester, Ind., Mrs. Bloomfield of Elmo and Mrs. Ellen Berry pronounce it the finest lot of bread they had ever seen.

By Saturday noon we had received 41 loaves of Gold Medal bread, the kind of bread we have been telling you Gold Medal flour makes, that light flaky bread that makes life worth living.

The only difficult feature of the contest was the judging. To the ordinary person, it looked like an impossible task, and even the excellent judges, that it was our good luck to procure, had some trouble in deciding which was the best, but after some delay these good judges decided that Mrs. Wm. Howden had one first prize (three sacks of Gold Medal), Mrs. G. B. Gill second prize (two sacks of Gold Medal), and Miss Maud Pyle third prize (one sack of Gold Medal).

Those who saw the display of bread on that day were impressed with the fact that Gold Medal flour is necessary in making good bread.
We desire to thank all who took part in this contest and helped to make it a success.

Barrett, Stoolfer & Owens.
The Store of the People.

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