Bond Golden Wedding, 1915

The family of of Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Bond celebrated their golden wedding anniversary, and we have an insider’s view, thanks to this report from the September 16, 1915 Skidmore New Era:

Golden Wedding and Family Reunion.

September 10, 1915, at the home of J. H. Bond and wife in Graham, occurred the golden wedding and family reunion of this long honored and highly esteemed citizen, who is among the pioneer settlers, having come to Graham in early life.  Immediately after he was united in Holy wedlock to Miss Mary Margaret Cook, one of Hainesville, Missouri’s fair maidens, which occurred on September 10, 1865, this splendid young man again returned to Graham and set sail on a long, pleasant and peaceful journey over the sea of wedlock in a little log hut, which stood just about the northwest corner of the present post office building.

Mr. Bond is nine years the senior of his good wife, and a well preserved man.  A veteran of the Civil War, having served as a member of Company B, 6th Regiment of the Missouri Cavalrymen, and notwithstanding, he presents the appearance of a man not more than sixty-five.  Mrs. Bond is an affable lady, peart, well preserved and most loved by those who know her best.

Mr. Bond as a business man bears an excellent reputation, and has been quite successful in the work of his chosen art, carpentry and building.  As a building contractor he has left many monuments of his artistic hand, in Graham and vicinity, that continue to call forth praise and admiration of his many friends.  These same characteristics are also found in the offsprings.  Among the children are skilled artisans of various kinds, who for years have been making like inroads into the mechanical end of industrial life, in the cities where they reside.

Mr. Bond was born in Guilford County, North Carolina, April 28, 1838, coming to Missouri in 1843 where he met his honored helpmate who was born in Clinton County, Nov. 5, 1847.  To this union God granted the cheering presence of four boys and two girls, all of whom were present.  It being the first reunion in which all have been privileged to be present for more than twenty-seven years, for not unlike other families, especially since reaching manhood and womanhood, they have become well scattered.  But, somehow, at this time they were blessed with health and other like essentials required to make their presence possible, and to the delight of their parents there came John F. and J. M. from Denver, Colo., Henry B. from Council Bluffs, Iowa, I. W. from Albuquerque, New Mexico, Mrs. Fred Suetterlin, north-west of Skidmore, Mo., and Mrs. Lizzie Mowry of this place.  The husbands and wives of the above named were present also, with the exceptions of the last mentioned.

In all 32 were present, which included only those of near relatives with the exception of Rev. G. C. Wadding and wife and Mr. and Mrs. Henry Wachtel, who were the honored guests of the occasion.  At the noon hour, an elaborate feast was spread in the big dining room and at 12:30 the names of the family together with the pastor were called, and Pastor Wadding took the head of the table with the honored bride and groom at his immediate right, with the children their wives and husbands, taking their places in order according to age.  Just as the table was filled, the old family organ began to send forth the sweet strains of the “Old Long Meter Dioxology,” which was sung with a feeling of gratitude by every member of the family.  At the conclusion of the singing, Rev. Wadding gave thanks for the bountiful gifts of a gracious Father who never forgets his children, and after which a delicious and well prepared meal was enjoyed.  Mrs. Henry Wachtel had the honor of furnishing the wedding cake, which was a fine production of domestic science.  Mr. and Mrs. Bond received many fine presents, including a purse of gold coin, a number of gold pins including a very fine stick pin, a silk dress for the dear old bride and mother, and many other highly appreciated gifts.

In the afternoon, the company was entertained by singing, and some special readings were rendered by Mrs. Wadding which gave life and enjoyment to the occasion.  Also, during the afternoon a number of snap shots were taken by members of the family including the grand children, also several large plates were made, first of the J. H. Bond family and second of the whole company, which together with other events of the occasion made the day one of pleasure never to be forgotten.

May life and peace, through the guarding angel of Him who has granted many days to this unbroken family circle continue to be theirs for a long time to come is the wish of their many friends, who feel:  With such a bunch of Bond’s / Gathered from near and far; / There is a tie that ever binds / In human fellowship, Divine. / A bond of Bond’s, so fine. / Through God they all depend; / To reach a better home, sublime, / Where reunions never end.

At the close of the big golden wedding of J. H. Bond and wife, several young men gathered by the side of the house and sang very sweetly for the honored bride and groom.  After rendering several selections of vocal music they were invited in and sang a special selection to the delight of all they then partook of some very fine and toothsome refreshments and departed with best wishes for the bride and groom.

— Reported by a Guest.

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