Birthday Surprise for Mary Ellen Iddings Loucks, 1921

From the September 15, 1921 Skidmore News, page 1:

Birthday Surprise.

A number of relatives and friends surprised Mrs. Abe Loucks Tuesday, in honor of her 77th birthday. The guests arrived between eleven and twelve o’clock with well filled baskets. The dinner was served cafeteria style.

Those present were: Mrs. Robert Medsker, Mrs. Henry Barrett, Mrs. W. R. Linville, Mrs. Victoria Howden, Mrs. A. F. Howden, Mrs. Gaylord Dilts and her mother, Mrs. Brown, Mrs. Hugh McClellan, Mrs. George Porter and daughter, Miss Evelyn, Mrs. Mark Loucks, Mrs. G. I. Riley, Mrs. Jane Whitmer, Mrs. Welton, Mrs. Susan Bagby, Mrs. Mary Garnett, Mrs. C. E. Olson, and Rev. C. H. Sauceman.

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