Birthday Dinner for Alfred Yager, 1921

From the June 2, 1921 edition of the Skidmore News (Skidmore, Missouri), page 1:

Gave Birthday Dinner.
Sunday, May 22, being the twenty-sixth birthday anniversary of Alfred Yager, a birthday dinner was given at the Yager home near Skidmore.

Those present were: Mr. and Mrs. Joe Davis, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Yager, Mr. and Mrs. Ed Hammond and son Harold, Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Davis, Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Owens, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Holsclaw, Mr. and Mrs. Bart Davis, Mr. and Mrs. George Davis, Miss Esther McElvain of Elmo, Miss Marie Yager, Miss Luceal Yager, Miss Mae Irene Davis, Herman Jones, Harry, Elisha, Clifford and Robert Yager, Lyle and Reed Davis.

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