Bipartisan Oyster Supper, 1908

Whether your favorite candidates win or lose in today’s elections, we hope your community can come together the way Skidmore, Missouri did following the elections of 1908. Here’s proof that when neighbors from different political persuasions are gracious to one another, everybody can have a good supper. From the Skidmore New Era, November 12, 1908, page 6:

After the election returns had been received and the republicans found that they had carried nearly everything they could have asked for and a few offices besides, they began to look around to do something to celebrate their victory. Someone suggested that they have a rally, but this did not appeal to their liking and finally someone said, “let us have an oyster supper and invite all the voters and their wives in the township.”

This was at once agreed upon and word was sent to everybody and his kinfolks that the republicans would give an oyster supper in the Rodman hall Saturday evening, to be on hands and bring their appetites with them. Well, it looked like they all came, and that they hadn’t left anything at home in the way of an appetite, either.

The democrats were the honored guests and were seated at the first table. There was not a jar in the entire evening to disturb the wave of good feeling that spread over the entire crowd. All enjoyed themselves immensely and everybody had a good supper.

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