Bill Kennedy’s Car Turns Topsy-Turvy, 1925

From the Skidmore News (Skidmore, Missouri), June 25, 1925, page 1:

Car Turns Topsy-Turvy.
Bill Kennedy, the Driver, Receives Several Bruises When Car Falls From Bridge.

Bill Kennedy went to the bottom of the ditch with his car early Sunday morning when it turned topsy-turvy off the side of the bridge just east of the Rue Peter farm, east of Skidmore.

Bill had been to Maryville and when he was near the Lasher school house on his return, it began raining and Bill kept on driving. The roads had not begun to get slick but a little dirt was on the boards of the bridge and the little rain which had fallen, made them pretty slick.

Bill said that when he ran upon the bridge the car began to skid and knocked the banister off the north side of the bridge and the car alighted in the bottom of the ditch up side down and Bill still in the car. He was unconscious for a while, but was able to pry himself out and went to the Rue Peter home and called for the doctor, who went after bill and dressed his wounds. It is not thought that he received any serious wounds but his left side is pretty badly bruised, but he was able to be around Monday.

The car was brought to town Monday afternoon and it will take about $100 to put it back in shape again.

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