Big Celebration at Skidmore, 1921

From the June 30, 1921 edition of the Skidmore News (Skidmore, Missouri), page 1:

Everything in Readiness for Big Celebration.
Program is Complete Except for Few Minor Events Now Being Arranged.
Rev. Chilton Will Speak.
Big 40-piece Pyrotechnnca Display in Evening.

Plans for the big 4th of July celebration to be held here have been completed with the exception of a few minor events which are being arranged at the present time. The celebration will be held in M. A. Sewell’s grove, where an abundance of shade is available, and every thing possible will be done for the comfort and convenience of the multitude which will be in attendance. Large tanks of ice water will be provided, and the various stands will supply bottled drinks, peanuts, pop corn, etc.

The Skidmore-Maitland band will provide music during the entire day. The band has been practicing faithfully for several weeks, and has secured a lot of new music for the occasion.

An old time callithumpian parade has been arranged for the forenoon, beginning at 10 o’clock, and arrangements are being made for other amusements for the morning.

Rev. C. M. Chilton, pastor of the First Christian church of St. Joseph, has been secured to make the address of the day. Rev. Chilton is an excellent speaker, and is well known over Northwest Missouri. Many of the people of this vicinity remember him as the organizer of the Christian church here.

Following the address by Rev. Chilton, there will be a base ball game between Skidmore and Wilcox. A game was scheduled with Burlington Junction several weeks ago, but the manager of the Burlington Junction team canceled the agreement on Tuesday evening and a game was at once arranged with Wilcox.

A number of special events for the young folks are being arranged for the afternoon, and will probably follow the ball game. There will be sack races, potato races and various other events for the children. a greased pole, possibly a greased pig, and a number of kindred stunts for the larger boys will provide amusement for a time.

One of a special features of the celebration will be the splendid display of fireworks in the evening. The committee set aside a liberal amount of money for this purpose, and got the very best display obtainable. This display does not consist of the usual run of fire crackers, Roman candles, sky rockets, pinwheels, etc., commonly seen at celebrations in past years. There are 40 large pieces, consisting of Meteor shells, Star shells, Lightning flashes, Mist Bombs, Boquets, Shower Shells, Searchlights, etc., making an unusually large and beautiful display.

The final event of the day’s celebration will be the play, “A Poor Married Man,” presented by the Rebekah lodge.

Indications are that there will be a great crowd of people here for the celebration, and the committees have made a special effort to see that no one is disappointed. Business houses will be closed, and everyone will be present to participate in one of the best celebrations ever held in Nodaway county.

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