Beverlin and Bridgmon Sell Fords and Fordsons

Ad for Ford cars and Fordson tractors, for sale by Charles Beverlin in Skidmore, Missouri in 1921. Text of ad follows.
Advertisement for Fords and Fordsons, for sale in Skidmore, Missouri by Charles Beverlin. Skidmore News, June 9, 1921, p. 4.

Advertisement reads, “Ford’s. Fords and Fordsons. If you are in the market for a Ford Car or Fordson Tractor call upon the undersigned. Patronize your home dealer, it is where you will get the best service. Chas. Beverlin, Service Dealer, Skidmore, Missouri. J. B. Bridgmon, Authorized Sales and Service, Maitland, Mo.”

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