Be Careful, Friends

Take care of yourself! We’d hate for you to end up in news items like these from the Skidmore New Era, February 14, 1907, page 1:

Might Have Been Worse.
One day last week while John Bodle was engaged in hauling ice from the river to his father’s ice house, his team took fright and ran away. John was seated on the ice in the front end of the wagon and when the horses startled was thrown forward and alighted in the snow under the wagon. His clothing was caught by some part of the running gear and he was dragged for some distance over the frozen ground and for a time it was thought that he was badly injured, but aside from some bruises he was uninjured and is now able to be down town.

The Sick.
Mrs. W. A. Strickler, who returned from a St. Joseph hospital Saturday is recovering from her illness.

Banner Brummitt is very low at his home on East Elm street and the members of his family have been called to his bedside.

The condition of Mrs. Robert Patton, who has been very low at the home of J. F. Patton, is considerably improved.

Emmett Littler is recovering from an attack of pneumonia. His mother, Mrs. Ed Littler, is ill.

David Strickler, who has been confined to the house for over twelve weeks, and to his bed for three weeks is no better.

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