Bargain Day in Skidmore, 1922

We recognize some of these store names — how about you? Full-page ad (click for larger version) from the April 6, 1922 Skidmore News (Skidmore, Missouri):

Ad for Skidmore's Bargain Day on April 12, 1922. Text follows.
Ad for Bargain Day, April 12, 1922 in Skidmore, Missouri’s business district. Skidmore News, April 6, 1922, p. 1

Full-page newspaper ad for Skidmore, Missouri’s Bargain Day on April 12, 1922. The page includes small ads for salt at the R. B. Foster store, chicken coops at L. D. Jordan & Son, coffee at Wayman McGinness’ market, oil at the Skidmore Garage, special subscription rates to the Skidmore News, personal care items at the Model Drug Co., aluminum ware at Manchester & Dodds, brooms at the Farmers Union Mercantile Co., hosiery at Barrett’s, peaches at the B. O. Ford store, hat dye and alarm clocks at Walker’s, and weed chains at Loucks & Beverlin.

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