Bank Robbery at Clearmont, 1921

From the Skidmore News (Skidmore, Missouri), November 17, 1921, page 1:

Bank Robbers Fail in Two Attempts.
Jackson Bank at Clearmont and Bank of Braddyville Entered — Only $2 Obtained.

The Jackson Bank at Clearmont was entered by burglars last Thursday night and the vault door blown open. A few deposit boxes were rifled, but nothing taken from them. The money was in a safe which the burglars were unable to open. About $2 worth of pennies had been left on the counter, and those were taken.

Entrance to the bank was gained through a window. The tool house on the Burlington was broken into, apparently in search of tools. The Lawrence Garage and the Hubert Garrett Garage also were entered, but nothing was missed from them except an army rifle.

All telephone lines from Clearmont were cut. Nothing was known of the attempted robbery until Friday morning.
About two o’clock Saturday morning, the Bank of Braddyville (Ia.) was entered, but in attempting to open the vault, the burglars set off the burglar alarm and were compelled to leave without any loot. The telephone lines from Braddyville were also cut.

The Clearmont bank was robbed about two years ago, and several thousand dollars’ worth of Liberty Bonds taken. Nearly all of the bonds were recovered at Sedalia, Mo., and a man by the name of Burns was arrested, but was not convicted of the crime.

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