Band Concert

A music review from the May 4, 1916 Skidmore News:

Band Concert
Saturday night was not one to cause anyone to wish to loiter on street corners or any other corner unless it was that of a fireplace.  The band, however, according to announcement, met in the band stand and proceeded to live up to agreement.  Some of them most likely wished they might work their limbs as hard as they did their lungs.

Despite the adverse weather and the fact that it was their first meeting together in public this year, the boys put up a good class of music.  There were a few rough places in their work, but as a whole it was a creditable performance.  Some new selections were given and barring a few rough places they were well rendered.  Six pieces were played.

Mr. Copland, the leader, is doing good work in teaching expression and says he intends to have them playing music instead of some old tra-la-la.  Following are the musicians with instruments played.  Cornets, G. L. Manchester, Frank Manchester, Marion Owen, Chas. McDaniel; slide trombone, Jack Moorehead; tenor, O. D. Hardman; baritone, Wm. Charles; basso, F. H. Barrett; altos, Ralston McLain, Clyde Stevens, Steve Donahue, James Early.  C. Copland, leader, clarionet.

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