Bagby Picnic

A reminder of summer for those still dealing with winter from the July 7, 1903 Skidmore Standard, page 1:

A Happy Event.

July 4th, 1903, there gathered at the home of J. R. Bagby and wife, 3 1/2 miles east of Skidmore, a few of their friends and relatives, numbering about 50.  At an early hour they began to arrive, bringing baskets filled to overflowing with things made to gladden the heart and also to please the palate of the most ficticious.

Shortly after noon the table was spread and all were invited to partake of a feast grand enough for any king in his palace.  The table fairly groaned under the weight of good things.  Even the good old fashioned chicken pie was brought to view, but soon all disappeared before the appetites of those around the festal board.

The day was spent in each one enjoying himself and doing all he could to make others happy.  Ice cream, candy, nuts, oranges, bananas and the old fashioned firecrackers were there and enjoyed by the older ones as well as the children.

Along in the evening, while all were in the best of spirits, photographer Ashbrook came out and took a group of one of the jolliest and the best looking crowds in this part of the county.

There were present:  T. M Wright and wife, of Denison, Tex., J. R. Bagby and wife, Clarance Cottrell and family, David Wright and family, Peter Forcade and family, Fred Forcade and family, John Goodson and family, Ben Martin and family, Ben Bagby and wife, L. F. Hammond and family, Mrs. Kate Cottrell, Mrs. Secrease and Bill Mitchell.

One Who Was There.

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