Back from the West

If you are planning your summer vacation, you may want to borrow the travel itinerary of Mr. and Mrs. Pinkston from 1901, as reported in the August 16, 1901 Skidmore Standard on page 1:

Back From the West.

Mr. and Mrs. Pinkston arrived home from a trip through the Rocky and Sierra Nevada mountains. After stopping a short time at Denver they visited Mr. Pinkston’s sister at Pueblo, Colo. Then they visited Salt Lake City, San Francisco, Tacoma, Spokane, British Columbia on the International line at Vancouver, sailed up the famous canon of the Columbia river and saw other important scenes, including fruit farms, hop farms, battle ships on the Pacific ocean. They made a complete tour of the Yellowstone National Park and completed their visit at Broken Bow, Neb., where Mr. Pinkston has some real estate. — Maitland Herald.

Mr. Pinkston made the Standard office a very pleasant call, Tuesday afternoon. He said the month spent at the above mentioned places of interest was one of the most pleasant in his life. They made a short and very pleasant visit with Mrs. Celia Hutt and Mrs. B. E. Wood, near Vancouver, Oregon. Mr. Pinkston mentioned the fact that Mesdames Wood and Hutt were the owners of a very fine fruit farm which will yield an abundance of fruit this year.

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