Back from the Klondike

Another of Skidmore’s sons returns from the frozen north.  From the April 28, 1899 Skidmore Standard:

George Gilliland Back from the Klondike

It will probably be a surprise to George Gilliland’s friends to learn that he is back from the Klondike.

M. A. Sewell received a letter from him, Tuesday, dated at Asherville, Kansas.  He is staying a few days with his brother, William, while he recuperates a little, after which he will come on to Skidmore.  He was a victim of the scurvy which was the cause of his sudden return.  His strength was failing so rapidly that he thought it would be best to get out while he could.  He had to have assistance coming over the glacier.

It was a year last March since George, and James Skidmore started for the Klondike.  They brought back none of the yellow dust with them but a varied experience.

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