At Last!

At last! But what on earth would the editor find to grumble about?  From the August 30, 1901 Skidmore Standard, page 1:

A Town Well.

We no longer have any reason to grumble about a town well. Last Wednesday morning, bright and early, Frank Jones and Jas. Hobbs set their well auger at the northwest corner of J. F. Kellogg’s store and started it to grinding. By three o’clock they had reached a depth of 58 feet and in a short time there was 18 feet of water standing in the well.

The city council says they intend to get the best force pump possible and will place a watering trough on the east. Now if the business men will all go in together and buy 200 or 250 feet of hose we would be pretty well prepared to fight fire. It could also be used in scrubbing out the __re buildings and with a sprayer attached the streets could be sprinkled in the business part of town.

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