Armstrong, Covington, and Prang Business Deal, 1908

Big business news from the Skidmore New Era of Skidmore, Missouri in the paper’s December 10, 1908 edition, page 1:

Big Land and Store Trade.
Armstrong and Covington have traded their large stock of general merchandise to Ernest Prang for 599 acres of well improved farming land in Decatur county, Iowa, near Davis City. The stock of goods invoiced something over $20,000, and the land is estimated to be worth from $60 to $75 per acre. The store was invoiced and Mr. Prang took possession last week. He will retain the same old clerks: Messrs O. C. Clark, Jesse Patton and Burman Deffenbaugh, besides he will have with him Mr. C. A. Marble, a young experienced salesman from Davis City.

Mr. Prang left Saturday for his old home in Iowa, where he will make arrangements to move his family to this place. He has a wife and two children, a boy and a girl.

Mr. Armstrong and his family, we are very glad to say, will not leave Skidmore, for the present at least, and we hope they will conclude to make this their permanent home.

Mr. Prang is a young man of business experience, and we predict for him a successful career in Skidmore.

Ad for the Ernest Prang store of Skidmore, Missouri in 1908. Text of ad follows.
Ad for the Ernest Prang store of Skidmore, Missouri, as printed in the Skidmore New Era of December 10, 1908, page 4.

Large advertisement is illustrated with laurel wreaths and images of a fashionable man and woman. Ad reads, “Big reduction sale! Read our prices and come in! See for yourself! For the next fifteen days, beginning December 12, 1908, we will show you. Big discount offered. Any ladies’ coat at 10 per cent discount. A line of ladies’ coats, if we can fit you, at 20 per cent discount. Men’s suits and overcoats 20 per cent off. A nice line of sweaters at 25 per cent off. All our line of underwear 10 per cent off. A nice line of blankets at a low price. All wool dress goods at 10 per cent off. A table of men’s extra pants at 20 per cent discount. Some big bargains. We are still handling White Loaf, Jersey Queen, Reindeer, Diamond and Tube Rose flour. We have a fresh lot of sweet and sour pickles in bulk. Buy your coffee where you can have it ground on the big mill. It will pay you to watch our bargain counter during this sale. Ernest Prang.”

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