April Fool Time

We hope you checked your clocks today.  Frankly, we’re not fans of all this is-it-early-or-is-it-late time change stuff, and neither was the editor of the Skidmore News in 1918.  Here’s what he had to say in the March 28, 1918 edition on page 1:

April Fool Time.

Yes, we are all supposed to be fool enough to jump up at two o’clock of the morning of April 1st and fudge our clocks ahead one hour.  We noticed an article in a city paper in which it stated that the clocks were to be set back an hour, and also that they were to be set forward an hour, so the opposite statement would give chance for correction if not so much for argument.

If there is any sensible reason why the time should be changed by fiddling with the clocks and watches which have tried to be honest since man first began to make them, we don’t know what it is, only that we have borrowed a foreign idea and have enacted a law to carry it out.

If a lot of these fellows would get out on the farm, roll out of bed at four or five o’clock in the morning, and work about twelve to fifteen hours a day, they wouldn’t be so easy to fall to the idea of starting the day’s work an hour earlier in order to have more daylight to work in.

It is claimed that so much time will be gained by setting the clocks and watches ahead an hour.  That argument reminds the writer of a Dr. — not a faith healer, but a regular M. D. — who lived in Skidmore some years ago.  He was rather odd, or eccentric — which however did not seem to detract form his success as a pill and powder dispenser — and one of his peculiarities developed into a two wheel cart or buggy with wheels about seven feet high.  One day a friend was twitting him about his high wheel vehicle and asked why he had them made so high.  The doctor replied, “Oh, it seems so much easier!  Now, with these wheels, this cart runs about half as much easier than it would with wheels of ordinary size.”  The friend thought a little while and said, “Well then, why don’t you have wheels as high again, and it would run by itself?”  So if there is a lot of time gained by fudging the clock and watch hand ahead one hour, why not keep advancing them and save a lot more time.

But, it is law, and the world still moves, but you can’t fool the old sun-dial.

Since the above was written the following later edict has gone forth from Washington:

“Most night trains technically will be one hour late next Sunday morning as a result of the changing of time under the new daylight saving bill.  Director-General McAdoo yesterday ordered railroads to move their clocks ahead one hour at 2 o’clock Sunday morning in conformity with the law.  Trains will leave for destinations Saturday night at the old time.”

The News has tried to tell you when to change your time, so it seems now that if you are a railroad company you will have to change on Sunday morning at 2 o’clock, in order to comply with the law and the prophets or politicians.


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