Another Shooting in Elmo, 1910.

We’re sure like all our communities, Elmo was a peaceful place most of the time. Strangely, it only seemed to appear in the Skidmore New Era when there was crime news to report. From the March 31, 1910 edition, page 1:

Shooting in Elmo Sunday Evening.
Edwin F. Alden Shoots and Dangerously Wounds Denny Reece, on The Streets of Elmo Sunday Evening.
Jealousy Said to Be Cause.
Reece Taken to the Maryville Hospital, and Alden Placed in County Jail.

Elmo was thrown into a fevered excitement by the shooting of Denny Reece on the main streets of the town Sunday evening about 9 o’clock by Edwin F. Alden.

After church services and just before the east bound passenger train left the Elmo depot, Denny Reece and Mrs. Anna Alden, wife of Edwin F. Alden, were walking down main street toward the Wabash depot, where Mrs. Alden was going to take the train for her home in Maryville, they met young Alden, who stopped them and tried to get his wife to go with him. After some words between Alden and his wife, Alden drew a “32” Colt’s revolver from his pocket and fired at Reece. The first ball missed the mark and he fired again this shot striking Reece in the abdomen, rendering a very dangerous wound. The ball lodging in the back, probably between the liver and kidneys.

Alden went at once into the hotel, near where the shooting took place, and passed out at the back door, and was taken by friends to be turned over to the Deputy Sheriff, Ed. Wallace. His Elmo friends telephoned Mr. Wallace, that Alden was on his way over there and he met them about half way between Elmo and Clearmont and took charge of his prisoner and took him to Maryville where he was lodged in the county jail.

A great crowd soon gathered around the wounded man and Dr. G. A. Nash and Dr. F. R. Anthony of Maryville were telephoned and came out to Elmo in an automobile that night. They pronounced the wound quite severe and Mr. Reece was taken next morning to the St. Francis hospital at Maryville.

Denny Reece is 26 years of age, and the son of A. A. Reece a well known merchant, who has been in business in Elmo for over twenty years.

Young Alden is 19 years old, and is the son of J. F. Alden, a druggist of Elmo. He was married about a year ago to Miss Anna Foster, a daughter of P. W. Foster a section foreman on the Wabash, and living at Elmo. He and his wife separated some months ago and she has a suit for divorce now pending in Circuit Court to be tried at the June term.

Alden has employed legal council and refuses to make any statement whatever of the affair. Prosecuting Attorney Wiles has taken no action in the case yet, but is waiting developments of Reece’s condition.

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